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Fitness Forward is a not-for-profit group whose mission is to Lead Youth to Live Well.

To facilitate healthy lifestyles amongst youth, we develop, evaluate, implement and disseminate community-based and healthcare programs that promote healthy living in a personalized manner. We strive to facilitate scientific discovery, design new opportunities for wellness behaviors and aid in the motivation of individuals and families to consistently engage in healthy lifestyles. We do so via many channels, largely through fostering collaboration; mentoring; creative media; and effective communication methods, including accessible information technology.

We engineer our programs to cultivate:

· safe physical activity (Be Active)
· appropriate nutrition (Eat Smart )
· balanced sleep (Sleep Well)
· stress-reduction planning and (Don’t Stress)
· drug and accident awareness (Be Aware)

in a manner that will help reincorporate these basic wellness behaviors back into normal life, so they are not difficult to comply with. As an example, that’s why we focus on “physical activity,” more than “exercise.” Physical activity has a purpose beyond just staying healthy, where as exercise is often viewed as burdensome work or something left to athletes in training.

Our initiatives are designed to work in coordination with other efforts to ultimately create substantial reductions in the growing rates of obesity, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety.

Our Vision is to enhance the long-term health, happiness, and peacefulness of modern people, by utilizing historical lessons and new discoveries in health to positively reinvent our lifestyle.

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