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Brendan Nelson



Owner of both French and American passports, Brendan Nelson is a native of the Lorraine region of France, where he graduated from high school with high honors and briefly played professional basketball. Brendan was also a member of the French Junior National basketball team for several years. He moved to the United States in 1995, enrolling at Williams College a year later. A member of the Williams basketball team that twice reached the NCAA Division III Final Four in 1997 and 1998, Brendan graduated magna cum laude in 2000.

Upon graduation, Brendan joined Concrete Inc., an Internet consultancy, as a strategy analyst. At Concrete, among other projects, he created the financial model and co-authored the business plan for an Internet spin-off from the world’s largest construction company. Brendan left Concrete in early 2001 to join Barclays Capital as an analyst in the Leveraged Finance group. At BarCap, he participated in a number of multi-million dollar buyouts and leveraged financings, drafting market Selling Memoranda and creating financial models. Brendan left BarCap in August 2003 to attend Columbia Law School, from which he expects to receive his J.D. in 2006.

A lifelong competitor, Brendan discovered the importance of proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle while training as a college athlete. As a counselor at numerous basketball camps in France, he has long advocated to children of various ages the importance of staying fit and exercising. He will be a tremendous asset to Fitness Forward, helping it to most effectively convey its healthy lifestyles message to disadvantaged youths across the country.


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