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Jason Langheier

Jason Langheier is the founder of Fitness Forward and an M.D. student and Ph.D. candidate in the neuroscience of hunger and satiety at Duke University Medical School. Prior to attending medical school, he received his Bachelor of Arts with Honors in biology and a concentration in neuroscience from Williams College, studied medical biology at Cambridge University in England, and worked as a strategy consultant to clients in the technology and pharmaceutical industries at Mercer Management Consulting. Jason is the recipient of the Wakeman Neuroscience fellowship, and currently serves as the chair of the American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) Organization of Student Representatives, as a member of the AAMC Executive Council (Board of Directors), and as an alternate representative in the American Medical Association's House of Delegates.

In 2001, Jason imagined the concept for Fitness Forward, and took the lead in developing its initial set of programs. He formally founded the Fitness Forward Foundation in 2003 to strengthen the effort through the partnership of its board, staff, academics and community constituents. As the leader of Fitness Forward, he intends to spark a reinvention in the lives of youth, so that people will be healthier, happier and more peaceful throughout their lives. His goal is to ensure that Fitness Forward remains dynamic, identifying new opportunities to enhance its mission through new and innovative programs, while remaining focused on the organization’s goals and strategy.

In the past decade, Jason’s career has taken him far from his roots near Buffalo, New York. His interest in science and medicine has taken him around the world, from Williams and Cambridge to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Institute in Seattle and the NIH National Institute on Child Health and Human Development in Washington, DC, and even to Melbourne, Australia. He has represented Fitness Forward as a member of the Massachusetts Partnership for Healthy Weight and the planning committee of Durham Health Partners and is the co-chair for both the Youth Committee of the Durham Fitness and Nutrition Council, and for the North Carolina Action for Healthy Kids Technology Committee. Recently, he published an editorial review on preventive care and personalized health planning with Ralph Snyderman, M.D., the chancellor of Duke University Health System.

Jason’s commitment to the Fitness Forward values and Wellness Targets evolved out of an appreciation of physicial activity, healthy lifestyles and his enjoyment of community, and have underpinned his work and leisure activities. He was a rower for the Williams and Cambridge crews, and has competed as an amateur triathlete and cyclist in community events such as the former Northeast AIDSRide series and Duke Half Ironman. When not on his bike or boat, Jason can often be found surfing, snowboarding, dancing, or doing yoga. Occasionally, he may pause for a laugh, or to share his “experiential humor,” or bad impression of the Australian accent with his family and friends. Jason’s confident idealism, insightful vision, enthusiasm, and dedication ensure that his leadership of Fitness Forward will help others reinvent their lifestyles for health and happiness.




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