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Jonathan Pak

Jonathan Pak has spent most of his recent years alternately pursuing his fascinations in computers and the health sciences. After graduating from Williams College in 1999 with a BA in biology with a neuroscience concentration, he moved to Seattle to work for Amazon.com as a web development engineer. Jonathan spent four years building software and designing features in Amazon.com's Personalization Department. He then returned to Philadelphia to start medical school at Temple University in the fall of 2003. Jonathan is excited to be able to integrate his internet and healthcare passions as a member of the Fitness Forward team.

In addition to his work experience and studies, in college Jonathan conducted research in labs at Temple University and the Philadelphia Geriatric Center and coauthored publications on potential pharmaceutical treatments for Alzheimers's Disease. In Seattle, he volunteered his time tutoring at a magnet school for underprivileged children, working for a gun-control organization (Washington Ceasefire), and helping with Howard Dean's presidential campaign. In medical school, Jonathan is a representative of his class and an active member of several organizations, including Physicians for Social Responsibility and Big Friends (an elementary school tutoring program).

Jonathan loves staying active no matter where he finds himself. Competitively, Jonathan played the unique combination of football and tennis in high school, and he rowed crew in college. He now regularly finds time to go snowboarding, play racquetball, and lift weights.


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