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Board and Advisors

Currently, Fitness Forward operates using a dynamic board structure that coordinates work for the organization, and ensures the highest quality scientific oversight and expertise.

· Board of Directors
· Operating Advisory Board
· Scientific Advisory Group

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides oversight to Fitness Forward Foundation. Board positions are currently being filled. Click here for a description of Board positions.

Founder and Chair; Interim Executive Director

Jason Langheier
Co-founder Nutrition & Fitness for Life program; Board of Directors American Association of Medical Colleges; MD/PhD Candidate at Duke; former strategy consultant with Mercer

Business Strategy & Leadership Development Bill George
Former CEO and Chairman of Medtronic; professor at Harvard Business School; author of Authentic Leadership
Legal and Business Strategy; Vice-Chair Eric Soskin
Current Harvard Law student and submissions editor of Harvard Law Review; former strategy consultant with Mercer and top competitor on the world debate circuit
Healthcare & Pediatric Weight Management

Rishi Shukla
Current coordinator for Nutrition and Fitness for Life Youth Weight Management program, Boston Medical Center

Fundraising & Development;

Emily Boer
MPA candidate at Syracuse Maxwell School; experience in Legal Service non-profits

Marketing & Communications;

Geordie McClelland
Executive Director, Mission Antarctica U.S.A., Former strategy and marketing consultant

Finance & Accounting; Treasurer

Nell Putnam-Farr
Associate at Camelot Capital and skilled in finance and accounting; Expert on the entertainment industry

Programming & Design

Jon Pak
Former development manager Amazon.com personalization programming division; MD Candidate

Strategic Advisory Group

School Physical Education, Nutrition and Health

Artie Kamiya
Senior administrator for health and physical activity for Wake County Public Schools; co-chair of Durham Fitness Council Youth Programs
Tommy Parker, Jr.
Director of Physical Education and Athletics for Durham County Public Schools; active members of Durham Fitness and Nutrition Council
Lara Khalil, M.P.H., RD
Coordinatoor for the Durham Healthy Schools, Healthy Communities Initiative; provides close ties with Durham schools and guidance on from the results of School Health Index assessments and her knowledge of existing school programs
Erin Schifferli
Dietitian with expertise in school meal programs, weight management and eating disorders

Business Strategy

Will Slocum
Associate at Parthenon Capital and former consultant at Bain; expertise consulting in fast food industry
Dan Troiano
Consultant at Mercer Oliver Wyman and entrepreneur; expertise consulting in retail grocery industry
Dan Lowrie
Consultant with Mercer Management Consulting; expertise in fast food and retail grocery

Legal & Risk Management

Brendan Nelson
JD candidate Columbia Law; formerly with Barclays Bank

Note that Scientific Advisory Group Members (below) also make themselves available for strategic planning


Scientific Advisory Group


Walter Willett, M.D.
Chief of Nutrition Harvard School of Public Health; Nurses Health Study; Author of Eat Drink Be Healthy and new Harvard Food Guide Pyramid; Expert in Nutritional epidemiology and women's health
Franca Alphin, M.P.H., R.D., L.P.N.
Chief Dietitian Duke University; expertise in obesity and eating disorders and coordinator of First Year health initiative

Physical Activity

Bill Kraus, M.D.
Research Director Duke Center for Living and Cardiologist at Duke. Provides oversight of ActivHealth and CathGen cardiomics projects. Numerous studies of physical activity in NEJM and other journals.
Mike Huff, M.S., C.S.C.S.
Coordinator for the Mike Krzyzewski Human Performance Lab, for research and treatment of sports injury and to optimize performance

Health Communications and Technology

Jay Winsten, Ph.D.
Molecular biologist orignially at Johns Hopkins, now Director of Center for Health Communications of Harvard School of Public Health and Associate Dean for Public and Community Affairs; major role in creation of Designated Driver campaign and the Harvard Alcohol Project
Ned Sahin, M.S.
PhD candidate at Harvard; MS for Cognitive Neuroscience from MIT; Director Imaging Innovation at Tiax; expertise in language and stroke
Bill Adams, M.D.
Created a pediatric electronic medical record called ARCH, and later played a key role in the implementation of the Logician EMR at Boston Medical Center. Key founder of the Learning Not Waiting.

Child Health & Development Barry Zuckerman, M.D.
Chair of Pediatrics at Boston Medical Center and Co-founder of Reach Out and Read, a national literacy organization, and champion of innovative programs in Child Health, such as Project Health and the Family Advocacy Program
Pediatric Obesity & Diabetes

Michael Freemark, M.D.
Duke Chief of Pediatric Endocrinology and insulin resistance clinic; expert on pediatric diabetes and obesity

Integrative Medicine and Stress Reduction

Jon George
Expert and author on integrative medicine topics, including yoga and meditation; recently met with the Dalai Lama; MD candidate at Duke

Jack Maypole, M.D.
Pediatrician at Boston Medical Center and Harvard Children's Hospital, Boston. Co-author of the Pediatrics Integrative Medicine Education Project; Fitness Forward cartoonist






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