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Guiding Principles and Beliefs

. Healthy nutrition and physical activity are equally important, and should not be considered separately.
. Physical activity should be a normal part of daily life
. Exercise and play should be fun, creative, and often aerobic
. Fad diets without scientifically verified efficacy will not be used or supported
. Maladaptive eating behaviors, from overeating to anorexia, must be addressed and prevented
. Education should be given about using internal bodily feedback to balance caloric intake with physical output is a key principle of lifestyle interventions
. Consistent and safe hydration is critical
. Regular and sufficient sleep, and relaxation time must be supported
. Lifestyle adjustments must fit within patient preferences, faith and popular culture
. Lifestyle adjustments must not interfere with, if not support, academic development
. Resources should be focused on prevention before treatment, and children before adults; Personalized lifestyle interventions will always be considered before pharmacological, surgical or other medical interventions
. Community and medical programs must be measurable and based on sound science.
. Work should often be in partnership with, rather than against, major cultural influences (media, food distribution system, health care) in facilitating healthy lifestyles
. Existing forces that may inadvertently dictate negative aspects of modern lifestyles will be viewed as potential partners or customers for addressing such problems
. Technological advances and multimedia interfaces should be embraced to educate and facilitate healthy lifestyles, and should be enhanced to promote self-limiting use in a given day (i.e. they should encourage active play, or, one day, effectively incorporate active play)



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