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Check out some fun and interesting games and information by clicking the links on the right. We want you to have fun, and take good care of yourself, so you and your friends can keep having fun for a long time. It's important to be really active. Our bodies expect us to use them a lot by running around, playing games, and doing work with our hands-- TVs did not exist when we were created, so, your body gets confused when you don't move around enough each day. Be careful when you're playing games, but, when it's safe, join in sports and play outside as much as possible! Drink lots of water; just like it cleans the outside of your body when you wash your hands, it also cleans the inside of your body! Fake juices and soda don't clean your body like water does. Try not to eat fast food too much either-- it should only be an occasional treat. Ask your parents to take you to pick out some fruit you like at the grocery store. Try to stay relaxed during school-- it's a long day, so take ask your teacher to take little stretch breaks if you don't already-- you can show your teacher this website if you want. Be nice to people in your school too; try and make them smile (-; Make sure to get a good night's rest every night too. Did you know that is when your brain makes what you've learned turn into things you'll remember for a long, long time? Sleeping well will help you do better in school and feel better during the day. We will give you more information soon; talk to you later...



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