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Okay; you've heard all of this a million times by now-- a lot of does and don'ts. Don't smoke-- it will give you lung cancer. Don't drink-- it will destroy your liver. Don't do pot-- lung cancer with a dash of forgetful and decreased 'drive.' Drink lots of water to clean out your body and prevent dehydration headaches. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks like soda and fake fruit juices to also avoid headaches and lows later in the day. Only rely on fast food for 'special occasions' or in a pinch, but don't eat it regularly-- did you read about the guy that ate nothing but fast food for a month? Same goes for desert-- do you really need it every day? Doesn't fruit taste just as sweet? Get a blender dude, and make fruit smoothies-- taste just as good, and a lot healthier. Be active a lot; play a sport, bike, swim, whatever--not just to be an athlete-- but to do better in school, to be smarter, hang out with friends, feel better, look better, and think more clearly. BUT, don't take it too far; anorexia and bulimia are deadly and not attractive. Don't just fantasize about other people's lives in Hollywood or on your favorite sports team-- go dance and play a sport yourself. Experience life to the fullest, sure, but don't skip sleep all the time; sleep is when you turn your experiences into long-term memories and when your body heals the best. Not sleeping enough, sleeping at odd times, or sleeping after drinking alcohol really screws that up.

Man, that's a lot of stuff to worry about, when you're just trying to get so much work done, or just try and enjoy yourself and hang out out with friends. And the last thing we want is to stress you out-- cuz that's bad for you too!

Or, maybe you just don't agree. Even with all of our science and technology, we are still a subjective society-- the choices are yours. Nothing is black and white, and we are all different. So, it's up to you to read, ask questions and do a little bit of planning to ensure that you have a lifestyle that allows you to keep having fun today, without having to worry too much about being able to have fun tomorrow (cuz you planned ahead, and changed your automatic habits). The change part might be tough-- making being active, eating smart, not stressing, sleeping well and being aware of drugs and accidents is a tall order. But, with a little up front practice, it will be like washing your hands, or using the toilet. You do use the toilet, don't you?

More to come. In the mean time, take care, and peace out.

Be Active
Eat Smart
Don't Stress
Sleep Well
Be Aware




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