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Middle School/ Junior High is an interesting time. Everyone around you making suggestions on how you should act, look, and feel, and it's not easy to know what to do next. The best thing to do is read a lot, and research your questions. Then talk to people you trust, including friends and people in your family. We've provided some links to information about the 5 Wellness Targets on the right, and we'll be offering more soon. We want to help you have fun today, but in a healthy way so that you can also have fun in the future.

More to come-- Till then, Peace.

Be Active
Eat Smart
Nutrition Cafe
5 a Day Snack Man
Don't Stress
Body and Mind
Organized- Calendar
Sleep Well
How Much Sleep?
Sleep Neuroscience
Be Aware
The Truth
Sports Safety
Sun-Safe Tips
Sexual Health




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