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Childhood Obesity

Fitness Forward aims to prevent disease at the source.

Today, 7 out of 10 deaths are from preventable causes. We have the best technology for keeping the sick alive, but we don’t effectively help the healthy stay healthy, or happy.

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· Obesity-related causes account for about 300,000 US deaths/ year, and 9.4% of health care costs ($98 billion in 1997).
· Over 60% of US adults are overweight; 30% are obese. Over 15% of children are above a healthy weight; 25% of these kids already show signs of insulin resistance.
· Obese white women get smaller paychecks on average.

Here are the top two guidelines for understanding and addressing obesity in clinical practice. Development of children's guidelines are underway.
· National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute's Obesity Guidelines
· American Medical Association: Assessment and Management of Adult Obesity


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