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Coach K Drive to Fitness

Come to the Drive to Fitness Tip-Off Monday, June 28th at 8 am
Cameron Indoor Hall of Fame (RSVP required: sarah.stogner@fitnessforward.org)

The main goal of the Coach K Drive to Fitness is to promote fitness and health among Durham County elementary students, with a special emphasis on underserved families.

The Drive to Fitness will encourage these students and their families to develop higher levels of personal fitness and health by achieving certain behaviors on a daily basis:

Limiting daily tv/video game viewing to 1 hour or less
Engaging in 1 hour or more of physical activity per day
Getting at least 8-11 hours of sleep in a night
Not drinking beverages with additional sugar added; (encouraged to drink water, 1% or less reduced fat milk or 100% fruit drinks instead)

Research has shown that adoption of these behaviors leads to decreased risk for obesity and disease in the present and future, increased academic achievement, and improved self-esteem.

How will the program work?

Starting in September, 2004, students will be challenged to earn a total of 1000 'K' Points

Children earn 1 point for each behavior completed each day.
Points are earned on a daily basis and verified by a parent's or teacher's signature.
Parents, teachers, school administrators and volunteers will also be encouraged to track their daily K Points, to act as good role models for the children

When a student earns enough points, he/she is rewarded by the PE or classroom teacher:

100 points: Bronze Medal Certificate
500 points: Silver Medal Certificate
1000 points: Gold Medal Certificate

Additional incentives for reaching different levels may include free/discounted passes for activities such as bowling, rock climbing, etc. or discounts on fitness gear such as bicycles, skateboard, etc. Local stores, fitness and activity centers and parks & recreation will be asked to donate these rewards.

Current prize sponsors include the YMCA, Karate International and Primus First Realty.

Top point winners at each school will either get tickets to a Duke basketball game, signed Duke basketball or get to meet Coach K / players at reception at Cameron or the Family Life Center, with media coverage. The student will engage in physical activity contests similar to the President's Fitness Challenge, and will receive additional Coach K awards for their achievements. Top classroom teachers, PE teachers, schools (principals) and parents will also be recognized.

Funds are also being reaised to reward 'career' point leaders with larger prizes related to their higher education


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