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Promoting and enabling healthy and culturally relevant food purchases for the family, with a focus on balanced caloric consumption and a fit lifestyle for youth.

Most healthy eating and living choices begin in the home, especially in the kitchen. FitGUIDE is a program designed to enable and assist families of all backgrounds and budgets in purchasing healthier and higher quality food items from their local supermarkets.

The program has multiple approaches:

In-store Education

Based on Eat, Drink and Be Healthy (The Walter Willett and Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating) and input from our Scientific Advisory Board, we have informational material such as a new healthy lifestyles and food guides, recipes and menus for healthy eating, that will allow us to create tailored shopping lists for shoppers. In our approach, we also teach shoppers about healthy physical activity that should go along with healthy eating, particularly for their children.

In-Store Volunteer Guidance

Knowledgeable volunteers stationed inside supermarkets walk the grocery aisles with shoppers to give them nutritional advice as they buy food for their families.

Healthy Items for All Budgets

Many people believe that eating healthy is too expensive. But, that doesn’t have to be true. Whether someone likes to indulge on organic boutique brands, or needs to keep their grocery budget in check, we can help GUIDE healthy shopping decisions.

Healthy Bottom Line For Supermarkets

Fitness Forward also work with supermarkets to it find cost-effective ways to offer sales and affordable prices on healthier items, thus improving the stores business through offering customers new value, while also promoting community health and a strong long-term customer base. In addition, Fitness Forward will offer recommendations on ways to optimally GUIDE healthy eating patterns through affordable existing in-store methods and additional electronic means, such as the Fitness Forward website.

Digital Shopping Cart Guidance

In partnership with supermarketsavvy.com, FitGUIDE would enable families to create shopping lists online that are nutritionally balanced (click here for a demo). Individuals would then be able to print this list out or they would be available at in-store kiosks provided by CityKi.

Health clinic-based marketing

FitGUIDE works with food pantries and promotes healthy cooking demo kitchens to educate families on healthier eating and food preparation at home. Ideally, special partnerships are arranged between grocers and the hospitals, schools or venues that host the cooking demonstrations.


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