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Healthy Docs for Healty Patients

FitMD is a program designed to promote healthy lifestyles and well-being among doctors, starting with medical school students, with the added hope that this will also translate to better patient and community education on wellness.

“If medicine values disease prevention, and if physicians’ personal health practices are consistent predictors of prevention, we ought to cultivate healthy physicians in medical school.” (1)

“In order to give to others, physicians must have their basic wellness needs met. It is impossible to give what you don’t have.” (2)

Components of FitMD2B include basic health assessments, nutrition sessions, directory of services, meditation, and an integrative lunch series. The FitMD2B program integrates advanced diagnostics for rigorous screening and advanced medical training leading future physicians to take a vested interest in medicine and their own health simultaneously.

An integral component of FitMD2B is the utilization of high-tech personliazed lifestyle planning. As part of the program, all students are issued laptops and PDAs that use Microsoft Outlook. Along with their academic schedule, fitMDnet algorithms would automatically populate their calendars, contacts and task fields with activities and healthful living suggestions that are based on student preferences and doctor input.

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