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For now, try an interactive demo of the FitNet concept or read on to learn what FitNet is all about:

How do you use FitNet?

1.) Sign in to your personal account.
2.) Tell us what activities you like to do, where you live, what your schedule is like.
3.) Presto! A personalized schedule of activities is produced that tells you where to do things that are fun, active, and safe (like football, rock climbing, and swimming); how far away the venue is from your school and home; and ratings of what other FitNet users thought about it after they did it.
4.) Access your schedule from any computer connected to the Internet, and eventually even on your PDA and cell phone!

How Does FitNet work?

Using FitNet is easy cause we do all of the work for you! FitNet works by linking your personal preferences with the FitNet database that knows about all the venues in your area where you can do fun & active things, when it's open, what you can do there, if it's safe (it better be!), and how much it will cost you to go there (little to nothing!). Then it comes up with a plan designed specifically for you and delivers it to you over the Internet.

Patient Profile

FitNet Database

Personalized Plan

• Fitness Preferences
• Child & parent schedules
• Age, gender, etc.
• Income, budget, insurance
• Physician input
• Fitness venues
• Locations
• Hours
• Fitness offerings
• Quality and safety ratings
• Cost and fee structure

• Activity Suggestions
• Venue Locations
• Proximity to home & school
• Transport plans
• Positive reinforcers
• Information accessible from home, school, hospital, and portable electronics

Patient Profile

Through the web, participants are able to tell us personal information, like what physical activities they like to do and where they live and go to school, in a fun and interactive manner that is similar to a videogame. In addition, the individual's physician will have input into other important biographical and medical info, in addition to restrictions there are for the patient's physical activities.

FitNet Database

The FitNet database will contain important information on potential fitness venues around the community, their fitness offerings, hours, and costs. In addition, there will be dynamically updating quality and safety ratings based on user feedback over the web.

With the help of the Durham Fitness Council, we will create a web-based tool which helps fitness venues themselves organize, track, manage and publish their schedules. They will be encouraged to update this information as programs, fees, etc. change. This data will synchronize with the Triangle FitNet database, to populate, and keep up-to-date, the type of fields that are described above.

Multiple Patient Access Channels

FitNet participants will be able to update and access their profiles from a number of locations, including:

  • Duke University Primary Care facilities
  • Schools
  • Internet at home, or on the go (mobile Internet)
  • Store Kiosks (see FitGUIDE)

The result is a personalized lifestyle plan that promotes healthy and active lifestyles. We think this will result in happier patients and parents, improved medium and long-term cost effectiveness, and a long-term decrease in morbidities for multiple diseases.

Interactive demo of FitNet concept


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