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The pediatric and adolescent primary care clinics at Boston Medical Center (BMC) provide healthcare to numerous Boston youth, many of whom are overweight or at-risk-for overweight. The incidence of childhood overweight is known to be higher in lower socioeconomic and minority populations, precisely the patient populations served by BMC. Like many medical centers, BMC lacked a sustained overweight prevention and treatment program at the beginning of 2002.

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The Nutrition and Fitness for Life Program will help you to choose healthier foods & to be more active so you can be fit, feel great, and have plenty of fun with your friends and family!

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1st Appointment
· We will call you to schedule your first appointment
· You & your family will meet with the team behaviorist to determine if this program is a good fit
· Your next visit will be with a team physician & nutritionist
· After this, you will attend either individual appointments OR group sessions

Individual Appointments
· Once per month, for 8-visit
· Our team of physicians, nutritionists, behaviorists, & coordinators will help you to develop a personalized action plan

Group Sessions
· Once a week, for 8-weeks
· Our team's behaviorist & nutritionist will support you & your family in exploring healthier food choices & activities

Fun in the Kitchen
· For you & your family
· Led by a team nutritionist
· Learn how to prepare healthy, tasty, & practical snacks and dishes

Fitness Sessions
· Weekly sessions, on- & off-site
· Led by a team of fitness counselors
· Aerobics, resistance training, games, & fun

Additional Services
· Social services
· Interpreter services
· Transportation assistance
· Links to community resources
· Referrals to other services


Appointments Afternoon Evening
Individual Yes Yes
Group   Yes
Fun in the Kitchen   Yes
Fitness Sessions Yes Yes

Tips for success!
· Put your plan into action!
· Involve your family
· Attend all of your appointments & sessions
· Be on-time: We'll give you a reminder call the night before, but it's your job to be on-time.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, a Fun in the Kitchen session, or a fitness session, please call us at least 3-days ahead of time at (617)-414-6876.

Who's on the team?
The most important members of the team are you and your family. Other members of the team who will help you to develop your action plan include:

Vivien Morris
Laura Wroblewski

Carine Lenders
Lakshmi Kolagotla
Pooja Tandon

Shaheen Lakhani

Gita Rao
Rishi Shukla

Insurance, Costs, & Transportation
If you have questions or just want to say hello, please feel free to call us. We want this to be as enjoyable & rewarding as possible for you & your family!

We accept all major insurance plans, including MassHealth. The Fun in the Kitchen sessions & the fitness sessions are offered free of charge. If you need help with transportation, please let us know—we will do our best to help you.

To schedule an appointment, please have your primary care physician’s office call the number listed below. A referral is required.
Phone: (617)-414-6876
Fax: (617)-414-4209


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