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Why Be Active?

To be healthy:

Numerous studies have shown that physical activity is fundamental in preventing chronic disease . Being physically active on a regular basis offers children immediate health benefits, and can also significantly lower risk of coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and colon cancer by 30-50%. Active people do not die prematurely as often as people who are least active. Plus, activity improves bone and muscle health, and decreases feelings of depression and anxiety. Since rates of youth depression, obesity, type 2 diabetes and even heart disease are on the rise, getting active is critical. This goes for youth, and for their role models!

To perform better:

Just as physical activity is good for your heart, it is also good for your brain, raising self-esteem and improving academic performance .

To feel good and relax:

Not only can improved self-esteem and performance make someone feel better, physicial activity can also help cause the release of natural chemicals in the body and brain to cause feelings of elation, happiness, satisfaction and relaxation. In fact, studies have shown that physical activity works as well as drugs to overcome depression for many patients. Being active during the day also helps improve sleep at night.

To stay safe:

Youth that are physically active, particularly girls that engage in sports, are less likely to turn to drugs, sex, or violence to feel good.

For fun with friends:

Children who have fun engaging in physical activity in youth enjoy remaining active all through life. Physical activity can be a private form of relaxation, or a great way to engage in play with friends, and meet new people.

Physical activity should be fun, and integrated into daily life, just like eating meals or washing your hands. How? By using walking or biking as a primary mode of transportation. By using the stairs not the elevator. By playing sports with friends or dancing to cool music. Exercise should not be viewed as work that is occasionally accomplished on the side; rather, physical activity should just be integrated into your life, and help you enjoy yourself.


For More Information

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How to Be Active

Specific Guidance for:

Pregnant Mothers
Infants and Toddlers
Elementary School Kids
Middle/High School Teens

Fitness Anywhere
Coach K Drive to Fitness

Additional Help

Your local YMCA
Boys & Girls Club
Junior NBA & WNBA
NFL Youth Football
National Youth Sports
America on the Move
BAM: Body and Mind
The K Lab
FitDay.com tracking tool
Be Consistent!

Triangle United Way 211
Boston Youth Zone





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